Rotating Door animation

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Something I learned that was essential in this lesson was the rotation tool. You first have to convert the object into a symbol, but after that, you have the freedom of making 3D animation on the object.


A Song in Data: Define


  • Genre – The category a song is placed under.(Restricted)
    • blues
    • classical
    • country
    • electronic
    • folk
    • hip hop
    • jazz
    • latin
    • pop
    • reggae
    • religious
    • rock
    • RnB
    • World
    • Other_______________
  • Sub Genre – A categorization under genre that further explains what the song is categorized as. Unrestricted String
  • Title of Song – The official name of the song. Unrestricted String
  • Performer – The person who sings the song. Unrestricted String
  • Bass – The lows of a song, which is usually heard through drums. INT 0-10(Strength of Bass)
  • Tempo – The speed of the song. INT 0-10
  • Prinstrument – The primary instrument in a song. Unrestricted String
  • Lyrics – The words that are spoken in a song. INT 0-10(Importance of lyrics)
  • Feeling – The mood you feel towards a song.(Restricted)
    • Joyful
    • sad
    • romantic
    • angry
    • chill
    • motivating
    • compassion
    • humorous
    • enlightening
    • confused
    • passionate
    • regret
    • grace
title performer genre subgenre prInstr lyrics bass tempo feeling
I Can’t Help Myself Uncle Reece, Jor’Dan Armstrong religious gospel trap drum machine 8 7 8 grace
Dat $tick Rich Chigga hip hop rap drum machine 7 7 7 hype
Feint Clockwork Hearts electronic drum and bass saxophone 0 9 8 joy
Crawling Linkin Park rock punk guitar 9 6 3 angry
Take Flight Lindsey Stirling pop dance violin 0 7 9 motivational

Data: Discover

There are many reasons as to why people like certain music. It’s all subjective, but there is a general idea on what a lot of people look for in music. For example, a person may enjoy listening to Dat $tick by Rich Chigga because they may like rap music, or they may like the performer in general.