***myGraphics.py Define

The myGraphics project I will be doing is an image of the solar system. I will need a number of different objects which include:

  • Planets(pluto will not be included)
  • stars
  • asteroids
  • rings
  • background
  • continents for earth(if I have time)

functions and arguments:

  • draw_circ(x, y, rad, color, win)
  • draw_star(p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, color, win)
  • draw_ring(x, y, ringSize, win)

***myGraphics.py Discover

Some ideas for my graphics.py

  • Solar system*
    • stars
    • asteroids
    • planets
    • rings
  • Forest
  • buildings
  • american flag
  • Map of a game(league of legends summoner’s rift)