Blog 10 – Just The Beginning

Over the course of our school year in our new school UA Maker Academy, I learned many things. To start off, we begin on the very first day of school. This was the first time I was going to take the train to school, and going to a different borough to get to school.

During the following week of school, I learned about a class that was unique only to our school and maybe a few others known as CTE, or making class. This was a class where we would create. We learned how to code and design in the computer. We were introduced to many different tools such as the makey makey, which we used to make lights light up in multiple ways. And now, we’re currently learning about how to create a raptor hand.

Throughout the school year, we learned about many programs, due to the fact that UA Maker is a technology school, and we own our own chrome books. One important program we use on a daily basis is Edgenuity. This is what we use to do school work for many subjects such as Health, Geometry and Global History. Another program that other students used in different classes is Khan Academy. This is something used for mainly Algebra kids, but can be used to study up on topics we may be confused on. Overall, the school provided many helpful programs to help us throughout the year.

Another important thing we learned during the school year was about jobs. For example, we were taught to use websites like these to introduce the work we were doing. By using word press, we were successful in introducing work like the egg car project professionally. In a job, we have to show what we did to show experience in the job you are trying to get. We learned that this is key to getting a job.

Although most of the school day revolved around technology, we had physics class, where we still did much of our work on paper. We probably learned the most from this class, mainly due to all the class work and projects we did. According to Kadion, our school’s website to show grades on classes, we have the most assignments completed in physics, as well as the most standards required to pass the class. Although the school year is over, this is just the beginning for our high school adventure.


Blog 09- Passing Plan For Success

At this point, students have began to scramble to boost grades to a sufficient amount, so they don’t get beat by their parents. Students have tried different processes to ensure they get the 65 or higher. Failing to achieve this means an immediate trip to summer school. If you don’t attend summer school, you will have to repeat the same grade.

As for me however, I’ve officially passed all my classes. I went through a slow, but effective process. By doing this, I made sure I got over 80’s on all my classes. My process starts off by looking at our school’s website, kadion. On this website, we get to see what our grades are. Our school’s grade policy differs from others across the country. Our grades depend on the final 3 assignments we did on each standard. Whatever the average is of our assignments are will be the grade we get. This means the grades on the bottom of our assignment list of each standard will determine the grade of that standard.

For me, I had a large portion of grades that were already over a 3. What I did was look through grades that didn’t average a 3. For example, for my making class, I had a standard with an average of 2.3. So, I looked for the assignment with the lowest score and redid that work. Afterwards, I repeated this process for all my other classes.

After I completed all my assignments I went on to find work that could raise my grade to over an 80. To do this, I had to get work done with at least a grade of a 4. This was a lot more difficult than grading my work to get to a 3 because I needed to do a lot more work to boost my grades to 4’s. However, if I wanted a grade over a 90, I need to work extra hard to get that.

So far, I’ve achieved over a 90 in Health by redoing work and completing missing assignments. The most important thing to focus on when you’re trying to raise grades is by looking at the final 3 assignments in a standard, and work on those because any other assignments will not count towards your grade. For example, for my ELA class, my grade dropped from an 80 back to a 55. Why is that? Because I haven’t worked on the most current assignments. My older assignments have boosted my grade, but since new assignments were added, those old ones no longer count towards my grade. However, as long as you have a plan for success like this one, you’ll surely pass your classes before the deadline.

Blog 06

During Thursday, May 7th, our school, UA Maker Academy, were all tasked to show off our presentations, showing our pieces of work that we wanted to show to multiple company members and parents. The piece I showed off was the egg car project. The reason I chose this because me and my partner, Abdul was extremely successful with this project. The reason for the presentation was also to improve our grades since what we during the presentations will be graded on. My process was by first creating the egg car presentation on a google presentation and then printed it after. I then put it on a tri-fold, and included the slides, pictures of my car, and the egg car rubric.

During this process, I learned many things. The most important thing I probably learned during the process was the fact that I was able to improvise during the presentation. For example, during presentations, I presented to a number of people, both parents and people from companies. From company members, I learned that they tend to ask questions not related to what my board says. For example, they would ask me about why I build a car the way I did it, or talk about the different aspects of it.

Something I learned about myself is that I can rely on myself to be able to present efficiently. This is because I’m a naturally shy person. Because of this, I sometimes had a hard time presenting in the past. However, during this presentation, I was able to present with very little stuttering and pausing. One more thing I learned what to do was to learn even more from mistakes I made. We made many prototypes for our car, and this allowed us to keep making a car that became better and better. This allowed us to create an indestructible car that would crush a large portion of the competition.

During the next 20 days of school that we have left, I will take what I learned and use it to improve. During the next couple of days of school, our task is to work on new projects, while redoing previous ones to bump up our grades. We will be doing new presentations, and continuing to make more blogs. With the experience I gained during the presentations, I’ll be able to do presentations more easily and be able to improve on previous work more easily.

Next year, I’ll be using the experience I learned to use my time more wisely, because I definitely should have completed all my work before the deadline, but there were times where I didn’t and I really want to accomplish this for next year.

For freshmen next year, I advise them to keep their cool and to do their work on time, or else they will have to waste a lot of extra time doing make up work instead of playing video games.

Blog 05


This is the feature me and my partner Abdul decided to focus on the most. The reason we chose to improve on the wheels was because our wheels were not rolling like we wanted them to. For example, on a flat surface, our wheels wouldn’t particularly roll well. It would stop rolling if we pressed on the car, or in other words, add weight on to the car. Our plan was to create a rubber reinforcement on the car because it would enlarge the wheels enough so the bottom part of the car doesn’t stop the car’s wheels from rolling. Rubber wheels also gave our car an edge. Car’s that move faster will most likely gain more momentum, and since the ramp won’t have any friction, using rubber will give us that. This is because rubber has friction unlike the normal toy car wheels, which are really slippery.

Blog 04 – Test Day and Aftermath

image1 (2)

This is the second prototype egg car that me and my partner Abdul created. From testing our previous car shown here: blog we were able to take what we had and test it to see how well things would go, we added improvements that will definitely be a huge improvement to the old one. As shown above, this is our newest prototype.

There are multiple differences from this and the old egg car. The most obvious would be the color. We painted the color of the Styrofoam to red and added me and my partner Abdul’s first name initials(A.E). We also used hot glue to brighten our names, which made it look more appealing. By changing the color, we were able to make our car look more stylish and something any lucky egg would want to ride. The next feature we improved was the crumple zone. As you can see, we added aluminum foil to the front side. This further reinforces the car’s crumple zone, which is a key feature of protecting the egg in the front side. The CD shown above is an important feature of the car. If you’re bored while riding in a crash test simulation, have your car listen to some of Michael’s mix tape. The wheels were improved by adding more oil to the egg car’s wheels, which made the wheels perfect. Another important feature we improved on was the car’s size. As the constraints for the car suggested, the car had to be 10 inches at max, and no more. If the size was over 10 inches, we would lose points on this constraint. What we did was cut off a portion of the front part of the egg car. Our car used to measure 12 inches. After cutting off the front portion, our car measured about 9.5 inches. One last thing we changed, which wasn’t as serious was the rubber bands. We added one extra rubber band which would add a reinforcement for the egg.These were the most important aspects of the car we changed. During the collision, we realized many things.

During the first crash(we had to release it twice), the car’s wheels didn’t roll well if we put the car at an angle, and it would turn sideways. However, our car definitely protected the egg extremely well. The rubber bands added an extra support that prevented the egg from cracking. The red color of the egg car also made it extra flashy when it was released. During the 2nd release, we let the egg car go straight down, which made the wheels roll a lot more easily.

By the end of the project our car got us 2 4’s. After the collision test, our teacher, Ms.Liz told us about another competition with our egg car, which was a great opportunity to show whose car was the safest. We were tasked to roll our egg cars in certain angle, each round being more and more slanted until the table reached a 180 degree angle. The test definitely tested our car to the limit. Some problems we had were the wheels. The wheels kept falling out, of the car, but the egg never cracked. In the end, were able to get the “Safest Car award” along with a few other students. To be honest, amazingly only one person ended up having a cracked egg.

During this whole project, I learned a lot. One important thing was the ability to create a car. With the help of my partner Abdul, we were able to create an extremely efficient car. We were also able to use our time wisely. We learned what to do in a timely fashion. We also used lunch periods to further improve our car. Our car definitely had its downs, but overall, the project was successful. This project has helped me to know what to do to make future projects in physics and other classes better.

Car Prototype #2

image1 (2)

This is the car me and my partner Abdul iterated on. The old car was white, so we changed the color to red to make it look better. We placed aluminum on the front to reinforce the crumple zone up front. We added a 2nd rubber band seat belt to ensure the egg stays in the car. We cut a portion of the styrofoam to make sure it meets the standards of having the car measure less than 10 inches. We also put a CD in the back so the egg passenger can enjoy the music while riding it.

Blog Post 03

image1 (1)image5

During the design process, me and my partner, Abdul, created an egg car made of hardened dough, and was painted red. Unfortunately, our first car broke in half because the car was extremely heavy and so the dough didn’t harden enough.

The project had its many constraints along with this project, which was shown on my first blog. The most important ones were that the wheels needed to roll, the car had to be less than 10 inches long, and the car needed to have at least two safety features(an airbag, crumple zone, size and weight and seat belt, all readings that were all seen in our articles). This was due by May 5th, which is when the crash test is going to occur in our physics room.

However, we knew we needed a change of idea. The car was over 10 inches and was too heavy for any wheels we had available. The car was breaking the constraints of what the car was required to be. The picture shown on the left above was the 2nd prototype car we created. In this car, we added a cushioned seat, with a rubber band seat. We made the wheels from the base of an old toy car. The top part of the car has Styrofoam cut to match the cars bottom base. The front part of the car has a yo-yo for reinforcement and a cotton cover. The yo-yo and cotton are used as a crumple zone that is able to absorb a large amount of the momentum our car creates. By using the Size and Weight article, we decided to use Styrofoam instead of using dough once again. The reason for this is that the heavier the car is, the more acceleration gained, and if this occurs, the egg will most likely crack. With Styrofoam, we’re able to make a comfortable side, and has practically no weight to it. The cars were lubricated, meaning we added a mix of warm water and baby oil, which strengthened the wheel spin so we don’t lose points if the car’s wheels don’t roll during the test. The rubber bands we used were seat belts that would help our egg stay in the car. We would lose points if the egg fell out of the car, which would be something we don’t want happening. We hope to test the car soon and see how the car rolls, and predict what would happen to the car.

The car overall is really good, but unfortunately, the car’s wheels don’t roll efficiently. Another problem we’re facing is the size of the car. The car must be less than 10 inches long. When we measured our car, it measured around 12 inches. In our next prototype, we’ll be planning on fixing these issues, along with adding better features to make the car look better. We also need to change the bottom of the car, which counteracts the size of our wheels. These are the things we need to do in order for our next design.