The Lady or the Tiger?

The tiger keeper tells the princess that the tiger is to the right, when in reality, the tiger is to the left. The tiger keeper lied to the princess, knowing that the princess loved the prisoner. Even though he told himself he wouldn’t lie to the princess, if it meant doing it for the sake of getting a chance to be with her, he would take that opportunity. The princess, not knowing that the tiger keeper lied, takes his word. This is when she comes to conclusion that she does not want to see the lover with another woman. Her true nature comes into play as the ruthless king her father is. On the day of the event, the princess signals the lover and points to the right. Knowing well enough about the person he loves, the lover picks the door opposite of what the princess tells him to and proceeds to open it. To his unbelievable surprise, the door he opens is the tiger, which inevitably leads to his death.


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