Conditional and Converses

  • conditional- If Hamza is sick, then he does not come to school today.
  • converse- If Hamza does not come to school today, Then he is sick.

Explanation: True, since Hamza is sick, he might spread his sickness throughout school, meaning he should not go to school.

  • conditional- If someone dies, then you attend a funeral
  • converse- If you attend a funeral, then someone dies.

Explanation: False, if you attend a funeral, casualties may not occur while the funeral is happening.

  • conditional- If you win a competition, then you get money
  • converse- If you get money, then you win a competition

Explanation: False, if you get money, you may be able to enter the competition, but it doesn’t mean you will win the competition.


One thought on “Conditional and Converses

  1. the converse of a true conditional is not necessarily true because although the conditional may be true, the converse can be false. For example on the post, If you win a competition, then you get money, but the converse of this is not true, as getting money doesn’t mean you win the competition.


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