Design: Device Plan

As of now, we have 3 classes left to complete our assignment. For two of the classes, we have double periods, which last approximately 80 minutes.

Parts: We don’t need time to acquire the parts since we already have it all in stock.

Skills: Some skills we have is resiliency, since we have are able to keep our cool even if it seems difficult to complete a task. We are also able to adapt to a situation that we have little experience at.

Order: We will be working on the electronic aspect of our project first, which consists of finding the code to create the alarm. Afterwards, we will work on the mechanical aspects and complete our system. The parts we can work on as a group is the mechanical aspect of the system. We will need massive teamwork to put the parts together and get the system working. Both teammates will work together on setting up the sensors and lights on the breadboard.


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