Categories of the Computer

This post shows the different comparisons of the computer and the human body. In this one, it shows the parts of the computer.

Hardware :

  1. Storage – Holds data & programs Ex: CD Drive, DVD, Hard Drive, Flash drive
  2. Chip/Processor – Makes the computer work. Allows information to be moved around the computer. EX: Motherboard, Graphics Card, RAM
  3. Senses/Parts – The input and output of the computer. EX: USB Ports, Camera Speakers,

Software :

  1. Programs/applications – Does a number of tasks; Run games, do work, watch videos. EX: Microsoft word, League of Legends.
  2. Data – Information that is gathered and stored.  EX: Video, Folder, Movies, Browser history.

One thought on “Categories of the Computer

  1. This post explains the different parts of the computer that personify the human body. Hardware represents the outer structure of the human body. For example, the storage of the computer,(ex: hard drive, ssd) stores information, sort of like the brain. The chip or processor is what gives the computer life, just like the heart. Software represents the insides of the human body. For example, Data is information that’s gathered and stored. Videos, folders, and movies are just a few examples. Programs are another type of software. These programs run tasks such as games, work, videos, and create.


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