Blog 10 – Just The Beginning

Over the course of our school year in our new school UA Maker Academy, I learned many things. To start off, we begin on the very first day of school. This was the first time I was going to take the train to school, and going to a different borough to get to school.

During the following week of school, I learned about a class that was unique only to our school and maybe a few others known as CTE, or making class. This was a class where we would create. We learned how to code and design in the computer. We were introduced to many different tools such as the makey makey, which we used to make lights light up in multiple ways. And now, we’re currently learning about how to create a raptor hand.

Throughout the school year, we learned about many programs, due to the fact that UA Maker is a technology school, and we own our own chrome books. One important program we use on a daily basis is Edgenuity. This is what we use to do school work for many subjects such as Health, Geometry and Global History. Another program that other students used in different classes is Khan Academy. This is something used for mainly Algebra kids, but can be used to study up on topics we may be confused on. Overall, the school provided many helpful programs to help us throughout the year.

Another important thing we learned during the school year was about jobs. For example, we were taught to use websites like these to introduce the work we were doing. By using word press, we were successful in introducing work like the egg car project professionally. In a job, we have to show what we did to show experience in the job you are trying to get. We learned that this is key to getting a job.

Although most of the school day revolved around technology, we had physics class, where we still did much of our work on paper. We probably learned the most from this class, mainly due to all the class work and projects we did. According to Kadion, our school’s website to show grades on classes, we have the most assignments completed in physics, as well as the most standards required to pass the class. Although the school year is over, this is just the beginning for our high school adventure.


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