Blog 09- Passing Plan For Success

At this point, students have began to scramble to boost grades to a sufficient amount, so they don’t get beat by their parents. Students have tried different processes to ensure they get the 65 or higher. Failing to achieve this means an immediate trip to summer school. If you don’t attend summer school, you will have to repeat the same grade.

As for me however, I’ve officially passed all my classes. I went through a slow, but effective process. By doing this, I made sure I got over 80’s on all my classes. My process starts off by looking at our school’s website, kadion. On this website, we get to see what our grades are. Our school’s grade policy differs from others across the country. Our grades depend on the final 3 assignments we did on each standard. Whatever the average is of our assignments are will be the grade we get. This means the grades on the bottom of our assignment list of each standard will determine the grade of that standard.

For me, I had a large portion of grades that were already over a 3. What I did was look through grades that didn’t average a 3. For example, for my making class, I had a standard with an average of 2.3. So, I looked for the assignment with the lowest score and redid that work. Afterwards, I repeated this process for all my other classes.

After I completed all my assignments I went on to find work that could raise my grade to over an 80. To do this, I had to get work done with at least a grade of a 4. This was a lot more difficult than grading my work to get to a 3 because I needed to do a lot more work to boost my grades to 4’s. However, if I wanted a grade over a 90, I need to work extra hard to get that.

So far, I’ve achieved over a 90 in Health by redoing work and completing missing assignments. The most important thing to focus on when you’re trying to raise grades is by looking at the final 3 assignments in a standard, and work on those because any other assignments will not count towards your grade. For example, for my ELA class, my grade dropped from an 80 back to a 55. Why is that? Because I haven’t worked on the most current assignments. My older assignments have boosted my grade, but since new assignments were added, those old ones no longer count towards my grade. However, as long as you have a plan for success like this one, you’ll surely pass your classes before the deadline.


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