Blog 06

During Thursday, May 7th, our school, UA Maker Academy, were all tasked to show off our presentations, showing our pieces of work that we wanted to show to multiple company members and parents. The piece I showed off was the egg car project. The reason I chose this because me and my partner, Abdul was extremely successful with this project. The reason for the presentation was also to improve our grades since what we during the presentations will be graded on. My process was by first creating the egg car presentation on a google presentation and then printed it after. I then put it on a tri-fold, and included the slides, pictures of my car, and the egg car rubric.

During this process, I learned many things. The most important thing I probably learned during the process was the fact that I was able to improvise during the presentation. For example, during presentations, I presented to a number of people, both parents and people from companies. From company members, I learned that they tend to ask questions not related to what my board says. For example, they would ask me about why I build a car the way I did it, or talk about the different aspects of it.

Something I learned about myself is that I can rely on myself to be able to present efficiently. This is because I’m a naturally shy person. Because of this, I sometimes had a hard time presenting in the past. However, during this presentation, I was able to present with very little stuttering and pausing. One more thing I learned what to do was to learn even more from mistakes I made. We made many prototypes for our car, and this allowed us to keep making a car that became better and better. This allowed us to create an indestructible car that would crush a large portion of the competition.

During the next 20 days of school that we have left, I will take what I learned and use it to improve. During the next couple of days of school, our task is to work on new projects, while redoing previous ones to bump up our grades. We will be doing new presentations, and continuing to make more blogs. With the experience I gained during the presentations, I’ll be able to do presentations more easily and be able to improve on previous work more easily.

Next year, I’ll be using the experience I learned to use my time more wisely, because I definitely should have completed all my work before the deadline, but there were times where I didn’t and I really want to accomplish this for next year.

For freshmen next year, I advise them to keep their cool and to do their work on time, or else they will have to waste a lot of extra time doing make up work instead of playing video games.


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