Blog 04 – Test Day and Aftermath

image1 (2)

This is the second prototype egg car that me and my partner Abdul created. From testing our previous car shown here: blog we were able to take what we had and test it to see how well things would go, we added improvements that will definitely be a huge improvement to the old one. As shown above, this is our newest prototype.

There are multiple differences from this and the old egg car. The most obvious would be the color. We painted the color of the Styrofoam to red and added me and my partner Abdul’s first name initials(A.E). We also used hot glue to brighten our names, which made it look more appealing. By changing the color, we were able to make our car look more stylish and something any lucky egg would want to ride. The next feature we improved was the crumple zone. As you can see, we added aluminum foil to the front side. This further reinforces the car’s crumple zone, which is a key feature of protecting the egg in the front side. The CD shown above is an important feature of the car. If you’re bored while riding in a crash test simulation, have your car listen to some of Michael’s mix tape. The wheels were improved by adding more oil to the egg car’s wheels, which made the wheels perfect. Another important feature we improved on was the car’s size. As the constraints for the car suggested, the car had to be 10 inches at max, and no more. If the size was over 10 inches, we would lose points on this constraint. What we did was cut off a portion of the front part of the egg car. Our car used to measure 12 inches. After cutting off the front portion, our car measured about 9.5 inches. One last thing we changed, which wasn’t as serious was the rubber bands. We added one extra rubber band which would add a reinforcement for the egg.These were the most important aspects of the car we changed. During the collision, we realized many things.

During the first crash(we had to release it twice), the car’s wheels didn’t roll well if we put the car at an angle, and it would turn sideways. However, our car definitely protected the egg extremely well. The rubber bands added an extra support that prevented the egg from cracking. The red color of the egg car also made it extra flashy when it was released. During the 2nd release, we let the egg car go straight down, which made the wheels roll a lot more easily.

By the end of the project our car got us 2 4’s. After the collision test, our teacher, Ms.Liz told us about another competition with our egg car, which was a great opportunity to show whose car was the safest. We were tasked to roll our egg cars in certain angle, each round being more and more slanted until the table reached a 180 degree angle. The test definitely tested our car to the limit. Some problems we had were the wheels. The wheels kept falling out, of the car, but the egg never cracked. In the end, were able to get the “Safest Car award” along with a few other students. To be honest, amazingly only one person ended up having a cracked egg.

During this whole project, I learned a lot. One important thing was the ability to create a car. With the help of my partner Abdul, we were able to create an extremely efficient car. We were also able to use our time wisely. We learned what to do in a timely fashion. We also used lunch periods to further improve our car. Our car definitely had its downs, but overall, the project was successful. This project has helped me to know what to do to make future projects in physics and other classes better.


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