Blog Post 03

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During the design process, me and my partner, Abdul, created an egg car made of hardened dough, and was painted red. Unfortunately, our first car broke in half because the car was extremely heavy and so the dough didn’t harden enough.

The project had its many constraints along with this project, which was shown on my first blog. The most important ones were that the wheels needed to roll, the car had to be less than 10 inches long, and the car needed to have at least two safety features(an airbag, crumple zone, size and weight and seat belt, all readings that were all seen in our articles). This was due by May 5th, which is when the crash test is going to occur in our physics room.

However, we knew we needed a change of idea. The car was over 10 inches and was too heavy for any wheels we had available. The car was breaking the constraints of what the car was required to be. The picture shown on the left above was the 2nd prototype car we created. In this car, we added a cushioned seat, with a rubber band seat. We made the wheels from the base of an old toy car. The top part of the car has Styrofoam cut to match the cars bottom base. The front part of the car has a yo-yo for reinforcement and a cotton cover. The yo-yo and cotton are used as a crumple zone that is able to absorb a large amount of the momentum our car creates. By using the Size and Weight article, we decided to use Styrofoam instead of using dough once again. The reason for this is that the heavier the car is, the more acceleration gained, and if this occurs, the egg will most likely crack. With Styrofoam, we’re able to make a comfortable side, and has practically no weight to it. The cars were lubricated, meaning we added a mix of warm water and baby oil, which strengthened the wheel spin so we don’t lose points if the car’s wheels don’t roll during the test. The rubber bands we used were seat belts that would help our egg stay in the car. We would lose points if the egg fell out of the car, which would be something we don’t want happening. We hope to test the car soon and see how the car rolls, and predict what would happen to the car.

The car overall is really good, but unfortunately, the car’s wheels don’t roll efficiently. Another problem we’re facing is the size of the car. The car must be less than 10 inches long. When we measured our car, it measured around 12 inches. In our next prototype, we’ll be planning on fixing these issues, along with adding better features to make the car look better. We also need to change the bottom of the car, which counteracts the size of our wheels. These are the things we need to do in order for our next design.


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