Blog Discover 2

For our egg car project, we were given a number of articles that we would use to incorporate into our designs. These articles were needed so we can add safety features to our egg cars, since that’s part of our constraints.The articles we read were ¨Seat Belts¨, ¨Airbags¨, Size and Weight¨ and ¨Crumple Zones¨. Each article explained one aspect of a real car that makes it safer.

The article seat belts explained about the importance of seat belts. The article talked about how large amount of people who get into accidents wouldn’t have gotten seriously injured if they wore a seat belts. I thought seat belts was a really good safety feature I should add to my egg car because it allowed the egg car to stay in place and not get sent flying. This is because the car and person’s momentum is the same, or synced. However, when the car gets into a collision, the momentum of the car and person will change completely, and this would cause the car to come to an abrupt stop, while the person would get sent flying through the windshield. With an egg, the seat belt would prevent the egg from getting ejected, even through the worst situation.

Another article we learned about crumple zones. Crumple zones are parts of a car that break apart or soften the impact during a collision. Crumple zones have actually been a new feature added to present day cars. Crumple zones could be something like the front bumper of a car. In an egg car, me and my partner Abdul plan to make a car with a cotton ball front. Cotton balls make a really good crumple zone. This is because cotton balls are soft and durable. During a collision, cotton balls would make the chance of making the egg crack a lot less. This is why crumple zones would make a good safety feature for egg cars.


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